Wednesday, September 2, 2009

More Fantastic Elsie Massey

I just received a letter from Ms. Purdy, whom I recently featured in a post about her fabulous hats. She informed me that the hat pictured at the top of that post was not one of her own creations, but was, in fact, made by one Elsie Massey – another delightful hatmaker and colleague of hers.

Elsie Massey Originals is a fourth-generation family business that originated in New Castle-on-tyne, England by Elsie's Grandmother. The shop has an extensive selection of finery to choose from: English garden hats, French riding hats, Walk-in-the-Park hats, Touring hats, small brim, large brim, chiffon brim, hats for children, and more.
She has even thoughtfully gathered all of her black hats into one section for the Gothic purists, or perhaps for those looking for mourning attire.

I just love all the rich colors and charming details. They evoke a bygone era of elegance and style that’s rarely seen in everyday life nowadays. How fun it must have been to swath oneself in fine silks and brocades and feathers and flowers!
But I’ve read enough historical novels to know that wearing extravagant outfits every day was no Walk-in-the-Park, so to speak. We’re lucky that these days we can choose to play dress-up when we want to, and relax and be casual when we don’t.
Beyond her marvelous hats, Elsie’s shop also features Victorian accessories such as lace and crochet gloves, decorated parasols and fans, feathered hairclips and these wonderful Victorian collars – delightfully simple garments that can effortlessly turn an ordinary blouse or dress into a fabulous period costume piece.

My favorite creations, though, are her fanciful Victorian Witch hats – a unique twist on the ubiquitous pointy chapeau traditionally worn by spell-casting sorceresses. Adorned with whimsical bats, spiders, autumn gourds, fall leaves, even a crow familiar…these outrageous concoctions are pure wicked fun!
Seeing these makes me want to design a whole costume to go with them – a fabulous, flamboyant Madame Magick to cluck and fuss over the wee trick-or-treaters on All-Hallows Eve.
We do still have a couple of months till the end of October...hmmmm...

Find Elsie Massey hats and more at:

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