Thursday, September 17, 2009

NEW! Steampunk Apparel Design!

Introducing: Madame Remington's Corsetry & Armory - for the Formidable AND Fashionable Lady Adventurer!

Express your feminine daring-do and your love of Steampunk style with this indubitably delightful design. Cleverly mimicking a vintage advertisement, it features a singularly lovely (and sturdy!) bullet-proof corset, with cunningly-fashioned built-in holsters for pistol and dagger, as well as a handsome ammunition bandolier and state-of-the-art aetheroptic goggles.
Everything the intrepid Lady Adventurer needs to boldly go where no man has dared go before, and look stunning all the while!

Available now on T-shirts, tank tops, raglans, hoodies and more!
I've chosen shirt colors that I think compliment the design, but you can choose whichever color you wish from the available selection.
More apparel options available on zazzle.

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