Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Original Art FOR SALE!

Before I began my Cristina's Angels series of digital pin-ups, I explored the notion of sexy angels in my "Erotic Angels" series: original acrylic paintings embellished with sparkly sequins, jewels and 3-dimensional mosaic elements made from recycled cardboard.

The inspiration for this series grew out of my experiments with integrating embellishments and textural elements into my paintings.
Early Christian iconography often features the addition of precious stones, gilt and ornate borders that create a sumptuous effect that glorifies the subject matter – indicating divinity and holiness to be revered.
Combining these hallmarks of religious art with the sensuous female figures common in my work creates an interesting juxtaposition – a blending of the “sacred” and the “profane”. This seemingly incongruous pairing suggests a divine aspect in female sexuality.
The saintly halos and angelic wings transform these bold and sultry pinups from mere sex objects into sacred beings worthy of reverence.

Half of these paintings sold during their debut show, and I still have a few left. I'm offering them now at discounted prices.

"Marie", above, is a vision in perfect pink with lush powdered wig, roses and plumes, lace-trimmed corset, and sexy striped stockings!

This one-of-a-kind original painting measures 11 3/8” x 14 1/4.
Acrylic painting on hardboard, embellished with sequins, acrylic jewels and collage mosaic. Ready to hang- no frame required!

To purchase, simply click the link below of the image above and use the "Buy Now" button to make a secure purchase through PayPal.

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