Sunday, September 13, 2009

Swingin’ Pasties from Gothfox and some Nipply History

…and I don’t mean the meat pie kind!
Gothfox offers unique made-to-order nipple pasties, many of them featuring “easy-twirling” tassels (also handmade!), which are “*magically* placed in an eyelet” to facilitate smooth swinging.
Gothfox is owned and operated by Loretta Jackson, a retired burlesque performer with the experience and craftiness to design tempting, as well as sturdy pasties for personal and professional use.FYI- pasties are, indeed, pasted on - using spirit gum, eyelash glue, latex adhesive or double-sided toupee tape or Fashion/Flash tape.
Please also note that Gothfox's pasties are not just one-size-fits-all. Four sizes, gently cupped to conform to femenine curves, ensure a perfect fit for every body - measured not by the size of the breast, but the areola.
Gothfox offers a wide variety of shapes, colors and designs, embellished with rhinestones, feathers, shimmery/sparkly/patterned fabrics, bows, lace, trims, tassels and more!

Of particular note are these gorgeous peacock-feathered pasties, the whimsical stripy-goth Beetle Juice pasties, the elegant Lo-Pan's Desire pasties, and the out-of-this-world Star Trek insignia pasties. Phasers set to stun, Captain!
So what's the deal with these saucy, sticky little tit-toppers, anyway?
Well, I did a bit of poking around and here's what I found out.

In early burlesque and striptease performance, revealing costumes were often preferred over blatant nudity. Dancers wearing strategically-placed seashells or sparkles enticed the audience with the promise of exposure, but left the details to their imaginations. Of course, topless shows were also popular, so whether to reveal or conceal the titillating tips of their tempting tatas was up to the performer.
In the Roaring 1920's, burlesque - a form of entertainment that included satire, performance art, bawdy comedy and erotically-charged dance performances, flourished. Around this time, the term "strip-tease" first appeared, and the art of tantalizing the audience by slowly removing clothing became increasingly popular.
This of course, freaked out the moralists, and restrictions were placed on just how much naked flesh could be shown. These codes made exposing the female nipple in public against the law, and pasties became a required costume element.This did little to dampen anyone's enthusiasm, however.
The barely-there coverups merely served to enhance the mystique of the forbidden nipple.
Early stripper Carrie Finnell is credited with adding tassels to pasties and pioneering the art of tassel-twirling. Is is said that she had such control of her bountiful breasts that she could twirl the tassels at different speeds and in different directions with such panache that her breasts were compared to propellers readying for lift-off.
Dancers skillfully turned what was supposed to be a limitation into yet another enticing weapon in their erotic entertainment arsenal.

Nowadays, with toplessness once again prevalent in the "exotic dance" industry, pasties are generally considered old-fashioned. Luckily, with the recent explosion of neo-burlesque preformers, the true art of striptease is once again being appreciated, and pasties are an essential element of the seductive restraint that sets it apart from the less artful bump-and-grind of most modern stripping.

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