Friday, September 11, 2009

Scoundrel's Keep Corsets and More!

Designer Heather Luca, out of St. Paul Minnesota, is the formidable force behind the gorgeous creations of Scoundrel's Keep apparel.
Her main forte is corsets - so far she has a line of 14 beautifully crafted corset designs with delightful details and distinctive flair, including three unique corset dresses.The superlatively inventive Ms. Luca can take even a basic design to new levels of creativity with various fabrics, adornments and embellishments - take a look at her Lola corset variations for a sampling.I'm particularly enamored of her unique Sabine corset design (shown at the top of this post), a unique underbust corset that features a high back with charmingly steamy buckles and straps.
She also has a lovely selection of other steampunk/Neo-Victorian apparel, including jackets, blouses, skirts, bloomers and petticoats and accessories.

Check out more of Scoundrel's Keep's gorgeous and beautifully photographed creations here:

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