Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Fabulous Hats by Ms. Purdy!

I have a thing for hats - funky knit hats in winter, broad-brimmed sunhats in summer, pirate hats and cowboy hats and cute little flapper-style velvet hats...and most fun of all, fancy hats with lots of feathers and flowers and ribbons and bows and fabulous frippery!

Well, Ms. Purdy knows what I like! This millinery maven has been making hats for many years, and it's her passion. She sells to small hat shops and through her website, ebay and Etsy shop, and specializes in all sorts of historical costume and custom designs - Victorian, Edwardian,Civil War, Kentucky Derby, Pirate, Carnival, Steampunk, Gothic Lolita, and more.
She's got hats for church, for tea, for weddings, for riding, for touring, for going to the races, for just looking fabulous!
Check out her Gallery for photos of her happy customers decked out in fantastic finery at various costume events.
She has a huge selection of styles - from wide brimmed extravaganzas adorned with lush explosions of feathers, to her slightly more subdued and elegantly embellished riding hats, to flirty mini top hats, feminine derbies wrapped in silk, feathery fascinators, and beautiful bonnets.
Her hats are expertly adorned with fantastic compositions of colorful, tantalizing trimmings: ribbons and roses and beads and bustles and blossoms and lace and feathers and jewels and veils and butterflies...oh my!And her prices are very reasonable - I've seen hats like these going for twice what Ms. Purdy charges, and with all the luxurious materials and talented expertise put into these one-of-a-kind masterpieces, I think they are worth every penny!

She also carries a selection of accessories such as gloves, fans, hatpins, parasols and nifty Venetian Lace Cuffs, as well as hat stands and hat boxes to keep your delicate headpieces safe.

I'm particularly enchanted with this little number. Too bad my birthday just passed! :(
But I just happened to discover that today is Ms. Purdy's birthday! Happy Birthday, Ms. Purdy! Keep up the great work!

Ms. Purdy's Treasures can be found at:
Ebay store:
Etsy shop:

UPDATE: I just received a letter from Ms. Purdy and she informed me that the hat at the top of this post is not her creation, but was made by Elsie Massey, another marvelous hatmaker and colleague. Please see this post to see more of Elsie's work.

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