Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Who Knew...

...there was so much to learn about stockings?

In fact, The Sophisticate's Diary has a plethora of educational material for your edification.
For instance; how to properly stock a liquor cabinet, tips on designing an elegant mustache, and how to create those silky 40's-style wavy hairstyles with dozens of tiny pincurls.

Vintage wisdom for: "louche libertines, feral flaneurs, suave scoundrels, Godless gassers, femmes fatale, revolutionary rakes, high-heeled harlots, seditious strippers, fez-wearing freaks, gin-soaked Jezebels, urbane explorers, desperate dandies, ravishing Reds, Veronica Lake-a-likes, suburban savages, head-shrinking honeys, wild wahines, working class aristocrats, bourbon-swilling beatniks, glamorous guerillas; hedonistic housewives, proletarian pedants, inebriate insurgents. Cads, finks, rascals, hussies, strumpets, bounders, rotters, drunks, roues, bombshells, philanderers, rogues and blaggards. Ladies who know where their waists are, gents who know where their barber is.".


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