Thursday, July 16, 2009

Cristina's Angels Apparel Now Available

I've spent the last couple of days busily putting my apparel shop together.
I'm very excited to announce that my Angels are now available on a wide selection of apparel - tank tops, t-shirts, baby tees, raglans, long-sleeved shirts, hoodies, and more!

Now, I've done this kind of thing before through CafePress, but ended up giving up on that venture because I was so disappointed in the print quality. They used decals that would only work on white or light-colored fabrics, cracked when stretched, got discolored and faded quickly in the wash.
I didn't want folks spending good money on my products only to feel like they got ripped off.

My new apparel shop, powered by DecoNetwork, uses a new printing technology called Direct To Garment (DTG) Digital Printing, which is a method of applying textile water-based inks to a fabric using a digital printer. The image is cured onto the garment usually with a heat press. The process is quick and, unlike silkscreen printing, it is not expensive to output small quantities or personalized designs.

The result is of MUCH higher quality than CafePress, they have an awesome range of colors and I don't feel like I'm offering inferior products.

Another groovy thing about this print-on-demand service is that you can customize your items.
I've put together a selection of styles and colors that I feel go well with the various designs, but you can choose from any of the colors available for each garment.

One thing I'm not satisfied with is thier small, low-rez design preview images. But I've remedied that problem by including links in the item descriptions to high-rez images of the designs so you can see what the artwork really looks like.

The shop is organized by design, so you can see all of the items that feature each piece of artwork. Or you can view all of the items and wander through the entire selection.

I'm still building up my collection, so not all of the Angels I've posted and made available as prints are up yet. I'll continue plugging away at that.
If there's an Angel you want on a shirt that you don't see in the shop, just let me know and I'll make sure to make it available.

Please step into my little boutique for a visit and pick up a little something for yourself or a freind. Be one of the first to get these exclusive Cristina's Angels goods, and support the arts (and artist!) in the process!

(And for future reference, you can find a link to the shop in the sidebar to the right. There's also a link from

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