Saturday, June 27, 2009

Review of Cirque Berzerk: Beneath

There are many ways to describe Cirque Berzerk’s new show “Beneath”: artful, dark, lush, moody, decadent, striking, romantic, absurd, twisted, stylish, engaging…I could go on.
But one thing that really struck me about this unique theatrical experience was its pure sensuality.
This show is HOT! Dangerously hot - decadently, daringly, delightfully sexy!

From the delicately decaying Dames Deceased burlesque numbers to the balancing contortionist performing a “private dance” for an entranced patron… from the breathtakingly beautiful, homoerotic aerial straps performance to the trapeze couple attempting to seduce the heroine into a “threesome”, this show sizzles with erotic undertones, overtones and a rich, creamy middle of dramatic sexual tension!

One of the most riveting acts was the dance of a drowned sailor and his lover, who bereft, threw herself into the sea to join him in the afterlife. I’m not even sure what you would call this performance – a combination of contortion, balancing, dance, acrobatics, kama sutra…? These two beautiful people intimately entwining and wrapping around each other, caressing, lifting, holding, sliding…the passion palpable, the connection electric…!
I have to admit, I found myself getting a bit hot under the collar!
This show is a feast for the senses. It’s visually stunning – the ambiance, costumes, choreography are all fantastic. The music (original compositions performed by a live, in-character band) is a perfectly mad and marvelous accompaniment to the action. The smell of fog juice and kerosene, the taste of kettle corn and cocktails, the contrast of the cool evening air and the dense, murky atmosphere of the tent are all sublime.

Beyond the big top pageantry of the show itself, the Cirque Berzerk experience includes food booths and a picnic area adorned with arcane, fire-spurting contraptions. The over-21 area features a small marketplace of unique items, and a rockin’ bar with vintage pinball machines and live performances by delightful burlesque band Vaud & the Villians. The pre, intermission and post-show party is almost as much fun as the circus show.
In fact, I’m thinking about going down there next weekend, just to get a drink and see the band, which does not require a ticket.

In the meantime, I'm already working on new pieces inspired by Cirque Berzerk's delicious style!

If you are anywhere near the Los Angeles area, I highly recommend you check out this unique event. Shows run through the end of July, and their big top tent is set up at the Los Angeles State Historic Park in downtown L.A.
Info and tix here:
*Photo by Curious Josh - check out his fantastic Cirque Berzerk photo gallery!

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