Friday, June 26, 2009

Prints and Cards Now Available!

Through the Magic of Print-On-Demand technology, I can now offer my work to you as museum-quality giclee prints and greeting cards from!
What is a giclee, you ask? How do I even pronounce it???
The French word "giclĂ©e" (pronounced “zhee-klay”) is a feminine noun that means a spray or a spurt of liquid. The word may have been derived from the French verb "gicler" meaning "to squirt".
Oh my!
We are, of course, speaking of inkjet printers (so get your mind out of the gutter!)!

In the art world, giclee is a term for fine art prints from digital sources printed with archival inkjet printers. This method produces high-quality reproductions of photographs, scanned artwork, or digital art and has become a gallery standard.
FineArtAmerica offers a selection of museum-quality fine art papers to choose from. You can even have the artwork printed on canvas!
I recommend the Premium Archival Matte or the Epson Premium Semi-Matte Photo Paper for printing my angels.
Another groovy feature of FineArtAmerica is that you have the option of ordering your artwork complete with frame, matting and glazing. Their interactive framing interface allows you to preview your prints in any of the thousands of frame and mats in their selection.
And their prices can’t be beat – generally 25% - 50% less that most retail frameshops can offer. AND there’s a 30 day no-questions-asked return policy!

The greeting cards are fully customizable – you can adjust the artwork size and orientation, card background color and even have your own special message printed inside!

It really is an awesome service and I’m excited to be working with them (as you can probably tell by the unreasonable number of exclamation points in this post!)!!!

So go check out!: Cristina's Angels Print Shop

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