Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Organic Armor

I discovered Organic Armor a couple of years ago at Lightning in a Bottle and was blown away by their beautiful products.
Artist Paul Hershey (below, with wife and business partner Jennifer) creates fantastic handmade costumes, accessories and props for: "tribal fairy punks, video game priestesses, alien viking warriors and circus divas, among other things".
These fantastic designs look like ancient metal, leather or bone, but are, in fact, a soft and flexible reinforced rubber that's lightweight, comfortable and durable. Not terribly useful for actual battle, but perfect for masquerades, costume events, theater and performers of all kinds.

Their most popular items are their headpieces - ornate, crowns, horns, helmets, hats and masks all beautifully sculpted and gleaming with various metallic finishes and antique patinas. They also have a selection of bustier sets and lovely necklaces, arm and wrist jewelry.
I'm especially enamored of their funky, fabulous top hats. I'm picturing one with angel wings and peacock feathers!
If you need to accessorize your warrior, princess, fairy, steampunk, etc. costume - be sure to check out Organic Armor!
They are happy to take on custom commissions. They'll even make armor for your pet!

Check them out at:
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  1. Hi Cristina, Thanks for the nice post about us, and all the pictures too! I just found it (4 months later). We have just remodeled our whole website. New circlets and top hats, easier to navigate.



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