Thursday, August 6, 2009

Lovechild Boudoir

I’ve just discovered this delightful couture studio, based out of Yorkshire, UK.
“The Lovechild Boudoir creates fabulous tulle showgirl bustles, opulent silk & taffeta shrugs, gothic corset jackets, steampunk pinstripe breeches & carnivale striped bustle skirts fit for a louche Victorian minx!”

They offer gorgeous designs, quite reasonably priced, especially for such unique, handmade items.
I love their shrug tops – such a simple idea, elegantly devised to stunning effect!

Their bustle skirts are also adorable – bountiful froths of ruffles and lace to enhance your derriere. They have a lovely selection of colors, fabrics and unique designs and details. Also, don’t miss their “Call of Cthulhu Fishtail Skirt” – very dramatic!

But my favorite item of all has to be the “Lady Apprentice Steampunk Corset Breeches”. Bloomers, bustle and corset-lacing all in one elegant pair of pants! Stylish and practical, for those Lady Adventurers on the go!

Lovechild Boudoir items are available at their website, on Etsy, and on Ebay.


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